Thursday, February 14, 2013

.185 day 162

a wanderlust filled day full of unexpected beings and happenings.

i ran into my very first boyfriend at auto zone. fourteen year old memories of skipping school to slow grind in living room while my mother worked and getting caught by my older brother filled the space of our "nice to see you, again" type embrace. moments later i saw an estranged friend where awkward greetings and empty "you look well" type fillers fashioned the brief meeting. then, just when i thought the day could veer no more towards twilight zone, i run into the mother of my on again/off again boyfriend of eleven years. at her side was my 13 year old god-son, mekhi. god-son whose diapers i've changed and boo-boos i've kissed, tall and growing and still making my heart spill out on site when he bats those sweet beautiful eyelashes of his. 

we (mama ellis, toots, mekhi and i) had lunch at an asian restaurant with french flair, talking lightly over grilled asparagus and snow peas, lumped crap cakes in wine sauce and perfectly boiled angel hair pasta. we laughed heartily about the past, celebrated our present growth and sincerely wished wellness for each other's future. with love-filled hugs and sweetly placed, cheek kisses, we promised to "keep in touch" as we bid each other adieu, and toots and i continued on our merry, wander-filled way...

(chocolate covered fortune cookies)


  1. It all looks scrumptious but what is that second to last dish!?

    1. i finally added words to this blog. it's lump crab meat in wine sauce.