Wednesday, February 20, 2013

.191 day 168

lisa came over to return the camera she borrowed with all three of her babies in tow. all three, each one cuter than the next, with personalities so distinctively their own. zoey, the oldest, and sweetest of the bunch, four years wise with playful imagination. aiden, almost three, and full of energy and innocent mischief and smiles so wide you almost miss how very protective he is of his sisters. jade, the baby, just over one years old, is sweet and edible and plush like a living teddy bear. the same height as toots, twice as big, and three times as gentle, i fell in love instantaneously. 

this picture i took of her is right after my "only child syndrome" having toddler, not only refused to share her toys, but commenced to snatching any that jade had come upon (indeed, i hung my head in mommy shame). she was so sad and confused. why, she was more than willing to share her own toys and goodies with toots...

baby toes!

aiden pinching toots because she was being mean to jade.



  1. somebody got a boo boo on her knee :(

    oh and dope usual

  2. ;) A.N.W.AR I burnt myself trying to make a super hero cape for my son :(

    ♥ Love the photoblog B. And the kind things that were mentioned about my buttons ;)
    Dont ever hold your head down in mommy shame lol
    Taylor is adorable and soo freaking bright! She just needs to hang around children more . Ive been thinking about her and her tiny voice, I ♥ her♥

    We will be over again before you know it ★☆★

  3. Pure cuteness. I swear you are not alone sis. My pumpkin and boog have sharing issues too.