Wednesday, February 13, 2013

.184 day 161

my baby turned two today. 

no party (as of yet) but celebrations are ensuing inside the hearts of those who love her best. awakening to a brand new kitchen set and leap frog cell phone, she spent the entire day with her father and i, brightly smiling throughout the whole of it. she was 8 months old the last time she awoke to both her parents (he came up early this morning), so that, in itself, gave  her heart, the sheerest of delights. 

we went to chucky cheese (her first and last time as a birthday celebration) where she "ooh'd and aah'd at the vast array of light and color and sound that flooded her novice mind. she refused to get on anything that moved, almost had a heart attack in the colorful tube, tunnel, sliding board contraption and surprised us, both, when she commenced to hugging the "underpaid worker" dressed up as chucky the mouse. 

afterwards we went to a pet store (read: ghetto zoo) where she attempted to scoop out a handful of fish, and "ooh'd and aah'd" some more at puppies and rabbits and gerbils and colorful barking birds (toucan). her father ended up buying a stuffed, grey and white husky, over half her size while i scooped out nail polishes and graphic tees at the 'five and below' store next door.

at the end of the day, she was pooped, we were famished, and a smile etched it's way in each of our hearts.

❤ happy birthday, tootie bear 

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