Sunday, February 17, 2013

.188 day 165

one of the many rare and vintage artifacts bequeathed to toots and i when my 80+ year old, jewish, neighbor, mrs. sunny, moved.

(she also gave me a shitload of vintage, leather pocketbooks).

this is actually the first time i took her out of the frayed and decaying cardboard box she came in. both, it, and the tissue paper placed inside of it, has turned yellow from age. the doll, herself (whom i have yet to name), was dusty and missing one of her earrings, but all else remained in tact. the brass jewelry, in need of heavy polishing, still regal and glimmering despite its dulled shine. she wears a green handkerchief on her head, which i imagine speaks to the period of time she was created, and less of her status quo. at first glance i thought her a gypsie. reading the small writing on the box lends me a clue to her identity. she was birthed in italy. with bright blue eyes and thick, dark locks, and skin, both, brown and pail, alike, i'm leaning towards italian...early 1900's...

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