Tuesday, June 18, 2013

.312 day 281

early morning pow-wow with my neighbors. the air was crisp for a summer day. 
(then again, the weather hasn't accurately reflected the seasons for some time now)

dee. pisces. my mother. my heart.

so early, i still had crust in my eyes.

i adore kim and her entire clan. we went from neighbors to friends to family and i would do anything for her. 
(she affectionately calls toots', "applesauce")

the only one missing is her oldest son, cj, the teen, the virgo i have vowed to shoot.

that's kim's husband, dre. gemini. drummer.
married eleven years, they show me that love surpasses even the biggest of bumps in the road.
that love takes work. and that it's a work well worth the strife of the struggle.

the virgo who single-handedly changed my perception of them all. 
her heart is so rare. she's my booski.

dee and kim are devout coffee drinkers.

toots adores jay and he adores her. he's my mini-manny!
(he'll soon be accompanying me to shoots to care for my littles)

single mom-artist-ish means i have to be creative. day-care centers are not an option.

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