Saturday, June 29, 2013

.325 day 292

another instagram challenge post.
todays theme: in my bag

1. vintage leather pocket book: scored at  a random thrift shop, in a random part of town.

2. day planner: it's either this, or red string tied to my finger (i once forgot my child's birthday)

3. hershey kisses (with almonds): an orgasm in my mouth, addiction is an understatement.

4. change purse: yes, i am that person who holds up the line to fish out exactly 43 cents.

5. leather wilson wallet: last thing my father ever bought for me (he had uber style).

6. 7. 8.  promotional cards, pen and business cards for my website.

9. funky yellow glasses el bought for me to go with the funky blue glass i already own.

10. bic lighter: for reasons.

11. peace pipe: reefer remedies for the very few times brain meds are not enough.

12. mini composition book: because i jot stuff down...sometimes.

13. organic hand sanitizer: to cleanse organic bacteria, i'd imagine. 

14. lucky penny: "find a penny - pick it up - all your days - you'll have good luck"
(note: it must be heads up when you find it)
(double note: i change mines out whenever i find a new one)

15. brain meds: they change as symptoms either progress or decline.
 (amitriptyline and tramadol are the culprits currently numbing my entire nervous system)


  1. You are fascinating. Are you good at giving out your card?
    Me? Just about never!

    1. iBlush. the beauty of pictures. i'm quite ordinary...and horrible at giving out my card. even if i snap a stranger, i forget. and yet, their always there.