Sunday, June 23, 2013

.319 day 286

when i take walks, my favorite subject to capture are humans. but when i drive, i become obsessed with the sky and the clouds and the way they wraps themselves around bodies of buildings. driving and shooting and human beings blurring by, and the sky never seeming to move at all. the day's storm etched it's own pictures in the crevice of the clouds, and i'd swear, if you'd asked me, i'd have said that i saw each moment that it stroked each line. i lived in settle awe today. planted, yet, floating. whenever there are days like this, i question how anyone could believe in no god. how anyone, with sight and pulse and and breathe and blood could believe that something this beautiful, doesn't come from something even more than that...

"i believe in god, except, i spell it nature"
[frank lloyd wright]

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