Sunday, June 2, 2013

.294 day 265

what started as a means for toots and té to spend time together (he's the minister of music here), has become a peaceful place, and moment, i look forward to being in weekly. while i am not a fan of organized religion (for reasons), i am a fan of a fellowship. 

a far cry from the black prebytarian church i grew up in, no comparison to the "hall" i would attend with my childhood friend, and worlds away from the mega church my mother presantly attends, living water is like no other. they have an open door policy (they are extremely welcoming to same-sex families) and they have a warm way of making you feel like a long-lost relative the very first time you enter. and while it's congregation is mixed with all folks from every ethnicity, it still has some familiar "black church" staples that i adore: cardboard fans, a choir full of strong voiced brown women, and the communion, chatter and life that springs forth during church "let out". 

these are a bit blurred, but i like them. 
i tried to take them inconspicuously by putting my camera on the pulpit and pretending to talk to one of the musicians. 
unfortunately, now, the musician thinks i talk to myself. 

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