Thursday, January 10, 2013

.146 promo'ish

i hate self-promotion. it feels like artistic masturbation done publicly. but i digress, until my first literary book becomes a best seller on oprah's booklist, and my coffee-table photo book sits in every household, self-promotion is needed for my basic survival. 

presently working on new promo and business cards (while toots runs around naked, with warrior cries like she stars in 'lord of the flies'). it's sometimes difficult for me to remove and exchange old pics, for new ones. i grow attached to them in unhealthy ways, so i was kinda proud of myself for pushing through this task semi-effortlessly today. change is good. i am changing. my art is changing. thus, i need to prepare myself for future creative detachments. after all, cannot grow in my art, if i'm still holding on to the memories that surround certain parts of it. no?

business card (front)
business card (back)
promo card (front)
promo card (back)
i kind of think i should leave the back of the promo card plain white (like the business card) but...i don't know. it's still a work in progress, i suppose.

(this feels cleaner. think it's the winner)

random. the logo came out larger than expected. i end up giving them away to people on the street

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