Friday, January 18, 2013

.155 day 137

the day after i get a sigh of relief. 

my eye is throbbing, looking up like bouts of torture sent to mock my otherwise awesome vision. outside of hospital visits, i'm home bound. it's a fearful, grateful, faith testing sort of way. 

i'm sitting in the middle room, which used to be the computer room, and is presently morphing into toots' play room. this bassinet used to be mines as a child. my cabbage patch kid, theresa cookie austin, slept in it, peacefully snuggled by my crayola themed bedside. i smile now. watching toots stand over it, shsshing me while her bald headed baby doll sleeps makes me giggle. a new toy inside a vintage one. i fill it up with all her teddy bears. partly out of my neurotic need for order (seriously, all these toys are the devil and this is just a quarter of the madness) and partly for this photo. i find the silver lining. loss of sight in one eye, leaves full sight in the other. and if i one day should loose sight in both, i still have full view to the memories of my yesterday...and the ones i'm

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