Monday, January 28, 2013

.168 day 145

i'm with toots, practically, every moment, of every day. 

as a mother, it is, both, blissful and straining. i've seen every morsel of her being grow, and all it took was the sacrifice of personal space, my social life (romantic or casual) and large quantities of treasured sleep. as an artist, it's simply...a beautiful obstacle. so used to being able to create anything i felt, at any time, i've acquired patience and practice to hold on to inspiration long past the precise moment when "the moment has passed". 

i planned to take a few simple, soft, self-portraits, simply because the lighting in my room felt clean, cool... calming. but toots and toddler crackiness chose a different path, and i end up taken a just few quick shots and nestling my baby (and myself) into a