Friday, January 25, 2013

.165 day 142

peaceful day. ran a few quick errands before the snow fell while listening to an awesome mix i made before i left the house. half-way to my first destination i saw this school. nothing spectacular, asides from the colors being one of my favorite nail polish combinations (ketchup on my toes, mustard on my fingers) but i liked it. i pulled over while five young men, standing on the corner, seemed ill-at-ease by my camera. i smiled. they nodded and continued to look on. three quick shots and a few flirtatious winks to keep the peace later, i nodded a swift goodbye and was back in my jeep, singing unabashedly off-key with my windows rolled down, despite the crisp air..."peeeople...make the...worrrrld..gooo...roooound".

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