Friday, January 11, 2013

.148 day 130

went to get my hair cut (again) by renata (it grows so fast, this will be a more frequent visit, i'm sure). finding her house always proves a challenge, as, i suck with directions, and tend to frazzle easily when unfamiliar with my surroundings. but once there, i swear, i breathe a little lighter. the colors of her home are warming, anything outside of "calm" feeling blasphemous to her space. every where you look there are burnt orange and mustard yellow and creamy peach colored walls. the fixtures are modernly rustic and the floors are wooden and beautifully bare. but, the most attractive part of her home has nothing to do with the structure, and everything to do with her cat. peanut butter. a living tedding bear. so plush and squeezable i have to force myself not to annoy her. she is sweet and peaceful and talks to you from time to time in the sweetest kitty meows ever. ugh. i think i'm in love. 

look at those eyes! i'm bias, but i adore this cat.

(renata testing the water temperature)

she posed for me. such a ham!


  1. I see hair on the floor but what about the new do, b

    1. further back. search for "renata". i added it to the blog i posted when i first got my cut...when i feel inclined, i'll probably link it in this blog...