Tuesday, January 22, 2013

.162 day 139

my brother is the most militant cream puff i know. he shows his emotions in the form of settle moments of sibling intimacy and the transference of useful wisdom. when my father was dying, he scoured dusty books in vintage libraries, and newly formed sites on the internet searching for holistic healing remedies to reverse the irreversible. 

he doesn't know what to say to me when brain pains start threatening my sanity. shifts uncomfortably when my eyes are squinched or blank stares the only expression i can muster in that moment. but he does know how to research. and thanks to him i am well on my way to the perfect brain diet and daily math problems (it's like cardio for your brain) to build me up. i smile. these books are his care. the settle way, my non-emotional, militant by nature, use your resources, not your tears, brother says...i love you.

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