Wednesday, December 12, 2012

.115 day 100

day 100

for me, this is a settle victory. almost as great a feeling as the end will be. me, the professional project starter. i, the unprofessional project finisher. no matter how insignificant the surface seems, this was a challenge. elated when i reached 7 days. did a jig when i reached one month. but after that it became my regimen, even when its purpose was inconvenient to my livelihood. cameras forgotten at home, or in car, or dropped on cold, wet concrete (severing expensive lens without insurance) during mercury retrograde. fussy toddler being every bit of the beautifully terrible, "almost two" year old that she is. clients checking time and emails, respectively, pseudo-patiently awaiting their photos. and me, all the time, wanting nothing more than to cruise the city, alone, with a back-pack full of pleasantries and my camera. 

and that is why this challenge persists. i needed a push. a way to successfully blend motherhood, art, love and business in way that unifies them all to greater levels of being. so alas, i am here. not my halfway mark, but close enough to see the possibility of where there challenge will take me. 

"all i need in this of sin, is me and my"---daughter. my camera. my freedom. my heart. 

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