Saturday, December 22, 2012

.127 day 110

my mother is a minimalist. an advocate of moderation. in my entire lifetime she has wore only one ring (presently in hiatus), a gold band with a black onyx stone. i can only remember one time she wore a necklace, a silver herring bone (also in hiatus), both, simple and extravagant in it's making. she shuns curse words and mind altering vices. the only thing i've seen her make a slight fuss about are books written by brown authors (toni morrison, being her favorite) and elephants. a trunk raised means "good luck", she says. which is odd...for she doesn't really believe in luck either. either way, this is hers, that i made her gift to me. i like it. i favor wood. and gifts that have someone else's energy attached...

(p.s: that's my daddy blurred in the background. doing my best not to build a shrine)

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