Sunday, December 30, 2012

.135 day 118

it's a borderline sick obsession, me with nail polish. if you want to check my emotions, check my nails. calm and simple me = clean, trimmed, and clear polished nails. jovial me, boasts colors and dots and patterns and prints. dark me wears black. girly me craves pale pinks and purples and pure white paints. but when i'm feeling every bit of woman'ness,  and beneath my skin starts boiling, bright red is all i can bare (it's been over a month now). in fact, the only time (and it's rare when i do) i am completely unreadable, is when my nails are fully bare. no polish, no trim. no anything (when my friend, laĆ©, left, i went bare, so sick with emotion of her departure, i was).'m my red nails. 

and they feel so good...sometimes i just sit and trail them across my own skin just to see them in motion.......

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