Sunday, December 23, 2012

.128 day 111

"i believe in god...only i spell it n-a-t-u-r-e"
frank lloyd

focus: sunset
focus: gate


  1. ah. yes. a Harvest Sunset, much like its Brother Moon, but way more down to earth of course :)

    magnificent are the creative works which pose more questions than answers...

    like: who's behind this seemingly cold fence? is this person alone, only to be warmed by the Radiance of the Sky? perhaps, simultaneously falling in love, accompanied by a lover?

    overwhelmed, did they: gasp for breath? impulsively grab hold of the fence and... exhale? sigh? gaze?


    just maybe the Setting of the Sun was lucky enough to be happened upon by an intriguingly wild haired, spunky lil beatnik artist, yielding her weapon of choice.

    ***the possibilities you've captured, are endless!

    1. i smile. you get it. so ominous. like life and love and air and...death.
      i've never been called a beatnik (i think i rather like it).
      your comment is just as ominous. i'm inspired, i am.
      ***endless possibilities...mmm...the core of my happy place***