Monday, December 24, 2012

.129 day 112

i love it. the shied on the front reminds me of my childhood fantasies. witches and ghosts and man killing mermaids. all the time, living in my imagination, a world of twisted enchantment traipse through my head. these pages, clean, crisp, bare, new. (i haven't the faintest idea what to put in here). these pages, pre-filled with invisible works, like blank promises i've made to my art.

there is a certain type of passion that exists on the bank of possibility. a tangible desire, an inexplicable thrill, that travels through my finger tips and settles in my pretty parts. mmmm, these pages, clean, crisp, bare, new...(are exciting me).


  1. lovely images... what might u be reading?

    1. sorry (smiles) i must hadn't added the words, yet, when you commented. it's a blank book. not sure what it will be, actually. but that's the beauty in a having book full of blank pages...i am sure to enjoy the process of finding out.