Monday, December 31, 2012

.136 day 119

new years is one of the only american holidays i don't stand on my soapbox for.

while i can easily argue that, due to time changes, leap years and two months added to the calendar, time in this world is illusive at best, i'd rather focus on the one key element that loosens my 'prone to militant' grip: accidental, collective affirmation. it is the one time mass groups of people, around the world, "will" in unison. showing gratitude, wishing wellness. reflecting on and amending the tragic and beautiful things that's happened in a years time. making promises to try. to grow. to hope. to change. and there is something quaintly pleasant in that thought alone.

this new years eve was spent in purification. clean baby. clean clothes. clean hair. clean body. clean thoughts. i hung a new vision board and kissed my baby upon the arrival of midnight. candles burning. ideas brimming. i am at peace. and it is my will to remain as such throughout the year, and all the moments that follow (i wish that for you, as well).

happy new day, people...for yesterday no longer exists.


  1. That's beautiful but I look forward to the soap box for Valentines Day.

    1. why thank you. soap boxes make my skin itch. i don't even acknowledge "valentines day".