Monday, October 14, 2013

.408 accessorize me

i'm not into make-up or jewelry. in fact, the most feminine thing about me is my addiction to nail polish, which gets repainted on my nails every two to three days (i've been wearing a fierce red for months now). however, i am into accessories. in my twenties, my signature accessory was a military styled hat, barely visible beneath the swarm of controversial buttons i fashioned it with. these days, my love of accessorizing has shifted. instead of the bold, gaudy pieces i used to wear (i.e: a 2ft brass ankh i sported around my neck), i'm now drawn to simple, subtle statement pieces, like the ones i'm wearing below (which happens to be two of my favorite pieces, along with this ring i blogged about a while back).

chain from mod cloth.

(pin from rockers closet)

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