Tuesday, October 29, 2013

.422 nikkor 50mm

becky gifted me an awesome 50mm lens that i intend to practice with, at least once a day. already i've realized that i'm not fond of it with stills, as i have to move back farther, meaning i would need a wider platform to sit my objects on. when i'm able to purchase the mini studio i want (specifically for product shots) i'll be able to manage it better, but for now i'm sticking with what i know. i do, however, love the amount of light it lets in and the milky depth of field it produces. i was ├╝ber excited to try it out with portraits so i wasted no time shooting toots in her p.j's while she snacked on my product of choice: cheerios. it's evident i need to study and learn how to make the best of what it can do before i use it in an actual shoot, but these are what i got thus far, armed with nothing more than raw ambition. *note: do not pay attention to my lack of clarity (first timer here) but do notice the milky background. isn't it delicious?! eek! i can't wait to use it! test shoot volunteers = welcomed.

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