Wednesday, October 16, 2013

.410 bands will make her... pictures of the two most significant pieces of jewelry i own, for two very different reasons.

the first is of my engagement ring, the only thing left behind from a failed and cryptic romance that ended just as mysterious as it began. the second is of the friendship ring my bestie, Laé, placed on my finger the night my mother pulled me aside to tell me that my father was dying. both are significant, being the precursors to my life changing in dramatically traumatic ways. at times i wear them on my ring finger symbolizing the eternal imprint both events have left on my life. one gave to me a child who teaches me daily the changing rhythms of love and the other showed me that love doesn't die no matter where a spirit moves on to. be it another plane (i love you, daddy) or another part of the world (i miss you, Laé), they are, and will forever be, with me...(til death due we part).

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