Tuesday, October 22, 2013

.416 selfies

1. no point for this blog other than me feeling kinda hip in my favorite military thrift.
faved, 'cause it's presently the only fall jacket of mines that still buttons over my abnormally growing tits.
(they never returned back to their pre-baby | pre-breastfeeding size)

2. the pocket book is also a thrift gift, given to me by my elderly, jewish neighbor on the day she moved away.
(she was my neighbor for 11 yrs, so, basically, we're practically related)

3. i haven't washed my hair in over a month. the most love it's gotten is a bi-weekly argan oiling. 
(it's so matted, i'm sure some parts are locking by now...which i don't really want...i think)

(tights by french connection)