Tuesday, October 15, 2013

.409 DIY soft box

photography can be expensive, especially when you realize that the quality of photos you wish to produce sometimes require more than just your camera. at some point, i'll go into detail on how i've learned to use simple household supplies to create backdrops, reflectors, studio lighting, soft boxes and more. this post, however, is dedicated to the homemade soft box i just created. there are many videos and step-by-step instructions online, like this one, to get you started on the basic structure. for my softbox i used: cardboard, tin foil, black electrical tape and tissue paper. i decided to paint it (with $1 paint from the dollar store) just because i love dots and why not have something on my camera that reflects my personality? 

i tested it using a large, white poster board and this cool slapwatch i found while thrifting.
for examples of how it looks on night portraits, check out this blog i posted a few days ago.

ISO: 200  f/3.5 

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