Tuesday, October 22, 2013

.415 still life

the earlier you can catch the natural light (sunrise), coupled with the DIY softbox, makes for a cleaner overall image. finally. an expensive and natural way to produce the images i see in my mind when taking stills. another benefit of early morning risings, especially when you have a toddler, is the calm and quiet that exist in that hour (this is also a good time for vlogging, with no boom mic needed, as the world is, typically, at it's quietest).  

however, if my toddler happens to be awake when i shoot, i simply bribe her with whatever i'm shooting. have a strawberry. play in the milk (as she doesn't drink cow milk). turn the whisk into a wind. eat the fortune cookie, then stuff the fortune inside your slipper for you to marvel at later. wear the slap watch. make up stories as you pretend to read. have a ball (just have it a little over there). i find that it's much easier to submit, just a bit, than having to say "no", "don't touch", "please, toots, not in my light" every other minute, for in the end, she's happy, i'm happy and life is good.

i retook the picture of the stopwatch to get better lighting this time.

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