Monday, October 28, 2013

.421 becky, toots and ruby

saturday was an awesome day. i met one of my absolute favorite photographers, becky leatherman adams, a mother and artist whose children and family portraits are like mentors to my own. i admire her simplistic and clean portrayal of life and love and living, and was beyond honored when she asked to shoot toots. 

we met in chestnut hill, at a quaint breakfast nook where wine and foreign beer sat on display. we talked cameras and life and lenses as toots colored and giggled and occasionally picked fruit off of becky's plate. after brunch we strolled down germantown avenue to a park with wooden playground structures, while becky casually captured all the moments in between. toots in front of windows, toots at wooden tables and toots as she curiously picked at a bush bristled with thorns and small leaves. i watched her as she shot, picking up pointers on shooting children and smiling graciously at complimenting strangers who stopped to watch the tiny model. 

after our shoot we all hugged goodbye with praises and promises tucked into the folds of our embrace. she left for her four o'clock shoot and i left for my three o'clock, each of us armed with, both, the beauty of moments shared and the wonder of a friendship created. 


later that day...

(her name is ruby)

this is the face of a toddler who missed nap time. 


  1. I loved meeting you,
    Truly loved it.
    You are one of my favorites : ).
    My most favorites.
    And the baby?
    Stop. The. Truck.
    I wanted to steal her.
    Can't wait to see you again.
    Thank you for your love.
    And thank you so much for these pictures.
    I love them!