Monday, September 10, 2012

.017 day 7

i loathe built in flash, but she's worth it. 

my magical tati. eleven year old sagittarius with energy twice her size. a gymnast in training, with one-handed cartwheels, so fluid i call her liquid. so pure, she's lucid. so smart, she's ageless. and toots adores her, follows her room to room, mimicking her every word and movement. and she adores toots, reading and singing to her, kissing and twirling her, so sweet and genuine, tonight she even bathed and washed her hair. 

my magical tati. daughter of my friend of seventeen years, is the only reason my day 7 photo is one i wouldn't typically use (i really do loathe built in flash). but i love her eyes, and her glitter make-up and her orange lips (she painted mines, too) and so it's here. just because i adore her.


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