Thursday, September 13, 2012

.021 day 10

i dig this kid.

jalen. ten years old. virgo. gentle spirit. loving as all get out. second child of aforementioned friend. presently squinching from the sun, not from a growl, never from a growl, for jalen mostly smiles...and makes you smile, too. 

told me. "my mom, cut my hair". 
asked me. "do you like my new glasses"? 
told him. "i love your hair cut, jay! and you look rather dapper in those specs".

he's gonna play baseball. he loves video games. but loves being outside and running and playing and daring and doing. and he, innocent and untainted, makes me miss my childhood, and miss it for all of the kids of today who never played 'freeze tag' or 'hide -n- seek'...or skinned knees, while riding bikes...