Sunday, September 16, 2012

.024 day 13

i love books. grew up surrounded by them. words and imagination my peace, libraries, nirvana. the crackle of spine, a brand new book makes when first opened, the ridges of pages worn from years of use, causing an almost fetish fascination inside of me.

my day 13 photo is purposeful. i used to love shooting products, objects and stills, and today, unfazed by human life, i channeled that same energy. a fan of natural light, i set this up a little after dawn, near a partially drawn window... 


  1. you've captured so much in this photo. amazing you are!

  2. Wow!! I love it!! Whenever I walk into a library I become a kid again excited about the magic contained within and it is all mines to enjoy, I love the smell and going into the stacks is always a discovery journey for me. I miss card catalogs, and librarians that could answer any question just like today's internet!