Saturday, September 29, 2012

.036 day 26

101+ temperature. mama is sick.


  1. ugh. we're twins. really wanted to make it to Philly to visit my mom today, and get some toddler free time. smh. just can't. being a mom is hardest when you're ill. get well soon. ginger tea and as much rest as you can muster.

    1. we ARE, lol! (((in so many ways))) you ain't neva lied. but it's a low-key good thing. i used to curl up in a ball when i was sick. being a mom makes me "G" up and fight through that ish because i have no choice. that last thing you said was so true i yawned when i read "as much rest as you can muster". ha! babies make EVERYTHING feel like pot-luck.

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    1. love - you. thank you beautiful, (color-filled) soul :)