Sunday, September 23, 2012

.031 day 21

"back in the day, when i was young, i'm not a kid anymore, but some days, i sit and wish i was a kid again
(the pharcyde)

i feel as strongly about cassettes, as folks feel about 8-tracks. an 80's baby, bred in the era of mixed tapes and radio recordings, word up! magazine and rap posters, i have an affinity for the memories they conjure. of lying by my radio for hours, waiting to record desired songs, then having to rewind, and pause, the exact moment the d.j. chimed in. of making mix tapes for neighborhood friends and school-girl crushes. of having to fast-forward past songs just to get my 'jam'. and having the inconvenient task of using a #2 pencil to roll it back up, whenever the tape unwound. 

i have no clue what is on this tape.
i hope to be doing the 'kid-n-play' while listening to it.


  1. I never really had an eight track but I have tons of cassette and last year, I bought a shoebox recorder so that I could listen to my tapes in a cool fashion. The older I get, I realize the value of holding on to your electronics because they come back around and then it costs you a leg and an arm to buy it again, cameras, typewriter, record player, tape recorder, video player, dvd player, old school tv and I even have a vintage console radio. I wish I had taken that reel to reel console tape recorder when my dad tried to give it to me!