Monday, September 3, 2012

.011 josh & dana

josh and dana johnson's wedding, beautifully serene, yet, silently solemn...

their special day, full of eternal promise, and ease, started out with so much chaos, that if one believed in omens, then one would have felt it's presence looming over the entire ceremony.  everything that could go wrong, tried: a storm the night before, caused a power outage. dinner was by barely there candlelight. the day, moist with suffocating humidity, clung to necks and shortened breaths, the grass, stale, wet, and sticking to shoes, and bottoms of feet and ankles, the only place not cluttered with utility trucks and fallen lines, became our only backdrop. the groom was late. the bride cried. my brand new camera malfunctioned. (elmeka, like a photo warrior, bought me hers to use)

so they prevailed. and i prevailed. while the grooms mother (also the pastor of the ceremony) barked orders bitterly to anyone who would take them and 50 year old men licked lips anytime i dabbed sweat off my skin and damn near orgasm'd if i didn't.

there are times, when editing, that i vividly recall the mood of the shoot and its energy seeps into my process. though periodically chaotic, there did, however, exist a peaceful calm that surrounded josh, dana, and their two children. they've been together since high school, loving each other through loss, babies, growth and proclaiming marriage well beyond and before this ceremony. 

i envy them. 

when i see two people who are so in tune that they're simply one tune, i realize that i've simply lost the faith to believe in such a melody...