Friday, September 21, 2012

.029 day 19

i'm so tired, it's unreal. 31 years (young) and i am tempted to say "these bones ain't what they used to be" while rubbing my knee with one hand, and raising the palm of the other to the lawwwd

i had a collaborative shoot today with elmeka, in which, she and i both played parts of model and photographer for ti kendrick randall's online boutique, deluxe life & style (website debut, oct. 1st). it was nice. and casual. and full of love. and smiles. and inappropriate jokes. and sweetness. and newness. ti, face full of smiles and beauty and energy just as pleasant as i imagined. meka, looking all nubian gorgeous with "child bearing" hips and glowing skin. and me. nappy hair. and loss of baby weight. and feeling wonderfully awkward being on the opposite end of another's lens. 

my day 19 photo, however, is not of any of us. it's of the shoes of the dapper man whom we saw, stopped, donned with a scarf, and made a willing participant in our photo shoot on our way out of the piazza. and since he will be on ti's site, i cannot post his actual photo...but this is just a taste of the man's uber flyness. 

god knows how much i love a tailored man.


  1. BOOM! That's how you do. What a fly pic.

  2. The laces make those shoes fierce! ~ mr. baxley

  3. too fly. i missed all the phun. sd weekend was mental. ur blog never disappoints.

  4. got to love the red shoe laces!