Wednesday, September 19, 2012

.027 day 17

we didn’t venture far today. in fact, so close were we to home that panties and pampers the only clothing needed at all. the house, so dark and peaceful. the only sound, the howl of wind passing by an open window. the curtain in my room, flapping, fleeting, flying high, while toots chorused squeals of amazement. i grabbed my phone to first record, then snap, a quick shot of our fabric's dramatic flight, but was halted by the eerily feel of raggedy ann peeking between each take-off. a gift from my father, to his grand-daughter, i know it's of good energy. but being so old and touched by so many different hands and energies along the way, i couldn't help but think she spoke an even greater story. past my daddy spotting her in a thrift store when toots was still cradled on my shoulder blade, past sitting in his home awaiting to be washed, and found again only after he transitioned

after posting it on instagram, i decided i wanted an actual photo and scooped my camera from besides my bed (it sits there now as i add photos from it daily for this challenge) and snapped an almost similar photo. the curtains paused their soaring, and up close raggedy ann looked less like a horror story. and more like my father simply saying good morning to his babies...and i silently whispered back "good morning, daddy", while swallowing back the urge to drop to the floor. but toots was clapping and giggling and ooh and aahing so much, i calmly chose to giggle, too.

but - i cried while taking this
and i'm crying while posting it.


  1. sending a big ole hug and a forehead kiss your way. <3

  2. thats love. a beautiful reminder to cherish life and those in it.

  3. and I'm crying with you. joyfully though. knowing your tears are born of love, my dear story teller.

  4. when I first saw the photo, I thought, wow this is kind of creepy but your story has transformed it and I see his joyful, even playful peak-a-boo hello. Wonderful shot and heartfelt prose.