Saturday, September 8, 2012

.015 day 5

toots at play. 

i still marvel at every little stride, none smaller than the rest, as she moves farther from being my baby, and closer to being who she is to become. we had a mini birthday party, her father, my mother and I, when she was just one week old. lit the same cake candle we used at one week, when she turned one, vowing to light it every year until she is grown (or the candle burns out). i am lovingly addicted to her. cheering at any and all she learns and leaps and giggles for. these days, she can finally jump with both feet off the ground, knows where all her body parts are and can stack her circles in size order. that's right. insert balloons and blowy things here (smile).


  1. these little beings are extraordinary. i'm thankful everyday (even if we're battling a tantrum) that they chose me to be their mama.<3