Saturday, September 8, 2012

.016 day 6

not quite a spa, but close enough.

i am most at peace when driving, even more so when i have no purpose. it's where i listen to nirvana and wu tang clan at high volumes and unabashedly sing off-key to random ballads. where i people watch and pretend i'm in a music video. where i flirt with fellow drivers, knowing full well i'm turning off the road if/when they call me on my bluff. 

on the road, in my jeep (back then it was a blue, gmc jimmy, a gift from my father) is where i use to blow smoke and vibe on long highway rides...

driving these days, i reminisce about my life pre-motherhood. (pre) car seats and baby toys and music at low volumes. i cherish the solo trips i have, when going to the market or to a shoot or to "the store" just to get some air. my day 6 photo is a simple self-portrait of me in my happy place. it's like a spa on wheels. there is something quite calming about being everywhere and the exact same time.   


  1. im all emo now... lol. it doesn't take much.

  2. oh how I can relate to this. before leaving the house meant getting 3 people dressed, packing a bag of extra clothes, snacks, cups etc. when leaving the house meant grabbing my wallet, keys, chapstick, and phone. lol they are worth it though.